Keeping Cool in the World's Hottest Places


Did you know the koldtec ice towel can keep you feeling refreshed in the world’s hottest places? This includes both extreme heat and humidity.

Travel Blogger and YouTuber Zoey Arielle recently visited the country of Jordan and packed her koldtec ice towel to stay cool while she visited the Wadi Rum desert. During the month of May the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan averages a high of 29°C (84°F) and throughout the remainder of Summer reaches an average high of 34°C (93°F).

So we asked her - how did the ice towel affect your trip to the desert?

“I don’t know what I would have done without the koldtec ice towel in the desert!”

Zoey went on to explain growing up in Canada she learned to face heat and humidity camping and hiking during the summer months in both British Columbia and Ontario, but said this was not comparable to consecutive days spent in the desert.

The koldtec ice towel is made from
Sport Bamboo in Toronto, Ontario, which means it not only feels soft to touch, but is highly absorbent and durable. Bamboo contains natural antibacterial properties allowing travellers to use multiple times without having to machine wash after each use.

“I’m pleased with how easy the koldtec ice towel was to take with me on my travels and how easy it was to maintain during a trip like this – camping in the desert.”

The koldtec ice towel also comes in a tight air sealed container, similar to the size of a water bottle, which is perfect to place into the freezer and take with you on the go. For more information on this specifically, check out our How-To Use the koldtec Ice Towel video for information on what to do when your ice towel first arrives.

“I visited other places like the 7 th Wonder; Petra and the lowest point – and possibly the most humid point on earth – The Dead Sea. I faced both dry heat and humidity and I felt refreshed in both situations.”

The feeling of refreshment is so effective because the ice towel uses the science of pulse point cooling. Pulse points are areas of the body where blood vessels are closest to the surface and can be used to feel one’s pulse, for example: the sides of the neck. Exerting oneself through hiking, camping or simply facing extreme heat can increase the heartrate, causing blood to flow much more rapidly throughout the body. By cooling the blood through the pulse point on the sides and back of the neck, one is then able to exert themselves further while staying refreshed and comfortable in harsh heat environments.

So – when’s your next trip to the desert?

zoey arielle

Zoey is a Canadian born YouTuber, author and digital nomad who currently calls Italy her home. Through her love of life, traveling and sharing a positive message, Zoey has built a large and loyal following on social media. Her community promotes self improvement, empowerment and encouragement for people to follow their dreams and live the life they love.