Sport Bamboo: Naturally Superior Performance

Contributor - Zoey Poulsen

The blend of fabric in the koldtec ice towel is comprised mainly of rayon from bamboo. Why bamboo? Well, considering its many exceptional properties the question instead should be - why use anything else?  Its naturally soft, highly absorbent, odor resistant and above all minimally impactful on the ecosystem. When looking at the facts, it's possible that koldtec Sport Bamboo™ may be the world’s most ideal sport fabric.

Here are a few reasons why bamboo is the natural choice as the main component in the Sport Bamboo™ fabric blend:

  • Bamboo cloth has a natural silk-like softness and sheen but is less expensive and more durable than silk itself.
  • Because of the smooth and round structure of its fibers, bamboo cloth is non-irritating to sensitive skin and is considered hypoallergenic.
  • Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal due to a bacteriostatic agent unique to bamboo plants. This agent stops odor-producing bacteria from growing and spreading in the cloth making it more hygienic and keeps it fresher smelling.
  • Bamboo is highly absorbent and wicks water away from the body 3 to 4 times faster than cotton. In warm, humid conditions, bamboo clothing helps keep the wearer drier, cooler and more comfortable and doesn’t stick to the skin.
  • The structure of bamboo fibers make bamboo fabrics more breathable and thermal regulating than cotton, hemp, wool or synthetic fabrics.

Bamboo the plant is a renewable resource and highly sustainable thus making high scale production possible without harmful effects to the global ecosystem:

  • Bamboo grows rapidly and naturally without the need for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or tending by large fossil fuel burning farming equipment.
  • Bamboo is 100% biodegradable and will be completely decomposed in the soil by micro-organisms and sunlight without any harmful biproducts or pollutants.
  • Growing bamboo improves soil quality and helps rebuild eroded soil. The extensive root system of bamboo holds soil together, prevents soil erosion, and retains water in the watershed.
  • Bamboo plants absorb about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide (a primary greenhouse gas) and produce about 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.
  • Bamboo fabric is manufactured and produced without any chemical additives. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 eco-certification insures that both the manufacturing and finishing processes are healthy to workers and the environment.

With climate change and sustainably a growing concern for everyone, koldtec Sport Bamboo™ is a clear winner. What’s most impressive is that for all of the environmental benefits that come with this product it doesn’t sacrifice performance, comfort or style. Feeling good about what you’re wearing and looking good doing it? Now that’s a win - win!