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April S.

Cozy and light weight relief!

The Halo is perfect. I love that it can be positioned just where I need it. The ice keeps it cold and the material makes it very comfortable. I love having this as an addition to my migraine toolkit.

Louise H.

Revolutionised my migraine care

Just wanted to say that your halo has been revolutionary for my migraines. I suffer with daily headaches and migraines around 3 times a week and it has made these just so much better. It's so comfortable to wear and relieves my pain so so much. I'm recommending it to everyone I know with migraines.

Thank you for designing something that has migraine sufferers in mind that works so well and I cannot emphasize enough how much it helps. I cried the first time I used it because nothing has helped as much.

Tara R.

Can’t live without it!

This is seriously my favourite new product! I bought this one as a gift after using mine for a few months and loving it!

Lisa P.

Best migraine relief product

Absolutely the best product I've used for headache and migraine relief!! Excellent product quality.

Jessica B.


This is exactly what I needed! It’s comfortable, customizable and even great to sleep in! I get migraines often and this definitely is easier than holding an ice pack to my head!

Leanne G.

I'm obsessed 😍

I absolutely love my koldtec halo. It's so comfortable and helps my constant headaches from autoimmune disease issues. This is a game changer I highly recommend it ✌🏽

Kara C.

Helps Life Keep Going!!

I’ve struggled with migraines for years and I feel so much guilt when they derail my workday. The koldtec Halo has really and truly given me an ability to continue working while taking care of myself — and this is something that reduces the stress and anxiety that would build up whenever migraines hit during work hours. The Halo itself is incredibly well made and I am so pleased with it. I’ve recommended it to others who suffer from migraines, and I’m eyeing the ice towel next for hot summers!

Kim S.

So helpful

I suffer from daily headaches & chronic hemiplegic migraines and this has been a wonderful tool. I’m able to have the cubes right where I need them and it’s wonderful to be able to move around, get up, etc and the halo stays exactly where I’ve placed it, it’s not an ice pack in a towel that basically is set and only if I’m laying down. Have purchased another for a friend of mine who also suffers from migraines. Really love this product.

Lesa L.

Great Review

Happy with product & service.

Amanda A.

Such a relief

Although my ice cubes inflated too much in less than a minute, so they are uncomfortable when first out of the freezer, I am so so happy with my halo. I suffer with migraines on and off. Cold helps a lot but it is hard to keep ice packs where you need and I usually only have one to use. Having ice located at the base of my skull and being able to move the height of the front ice from eyes to forehead to above is brilliant. I am a wriggle worm in bed and the halo didn't come off and I didn't remove it in my sleep. It is very helpful and I look forward to my ice cubes eventually evaporating so they are thinner!

Ilona W.

Review of Koldtec Halo

Where has this been for the last 20 years? It’s amazing! As a migraine sufferer, the Halo is perfect. I can even sleep in it. Thanks Koldtec!

Chelsea C.

Definitely an improvement on migraines!

I have been suffering from chronic headaches and migraines for 2 years now. Daily headaches make it impossible to function at times and I end up stuck in bed with ice on my head. I have been desperate for a more practical solution. I splurged on the Koldtec Halo (yes, it’s a bit pricey) and so far it’s been helpful. I LOVE that I can walk around and function better with it on, instead of holding ice on my head. It’s fairly comfortable, although sometimes the ice freezes with a crease or something that makes it a little too hard. My biggest issues, and the reason I didn’t give 5 stars, is that the ice doesn’t always stay cold enough for me. When I get a migraine, I want to numb my head, not just cool it down. So far I haven’t perfected that with my Halo. The selection of flexice also isn’t ideal. The strips of 5 don’t fit well in the Halo, and there aren’t enough of the ones I use most (4 and 3). On bad days, I can go through the whole set in a day. I wish I could get more of the ones that work best, instead of being 10 hours into a migraine and stuck with too much or too little flexice. Overall, though, I like it and I will keep my eyes open for deals and more options in the future.

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Deb W.

Thank you Koldtec

Finally something that provides headache relief and so easy to use!

Stéphanie D.

Great product

I am so happy with my Halo. The fabric is so soft and it fits snuggly on my head. I would have loved more guidance on how to prepare the cold patches as I did not realise they were inflating so quickly and mine are too thick. The great bonus is you have several strips of cold patches and I could prepare another one.


Perfect headache helper

I ordered this after 3 consecutive weeks of a headache and it was worth every penny! Using it daily for headaches and love it!

Heather B.


Finally, an ice pack I can wear and have both of my hands free. I wear this all the time. Ice had been monumental in managing my migraines and this too it to the next level, would recommend!

Ryan R.

Wonderful Product!

I love my HALO. The ice packs get cold, it's really lightweight and comfortable. It's even easy to sleep in and I'm a fussy sleeper. I've used it several times for headaches/migraines and it has really helped my pain every time.

Ruth Ann G.

Halo Migraine Reliever

My daughter raves about this product so bought one for a friend who was suffering debilitating migraines. She’s remarked how much it’s helping!

Emily B.

I love this!!

This is the best thing I’ve tried so far as far as cooling my migraines off! Hands free, cold but not too much to cause more pain, and never wet! I love it so much. I fall asleep with it every night.


I've had both my halos for months now and they're great. However, in the past ~48 hrs I've come down with a migraine on top of my flu. The halo has not left my head in over a day. Just wanted to say your product rocks!


Chronically ill but chronically CHILL with my @koldtec Halo ice pack! It has been a lifesaver on high pain/migraine days!


Thank you @koldtec. Finally got to try out the Halo ice wrap and it does not disappoint. So comfortable and stays cold for so long.


I am loving my Halo from @koldtec! This halo provides cold therapy for things such has headaches & migraines. There are front and rear pockets for ice therapy to target all around your head. As someone who lives with a complicated condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome; I have allergic reactions to any pain medication that I have tried. This halo is finally giving me some relief. If you suffer from migraines, headaches, flushing, overheating, etc.. I highly suggest you look into this amazing product. No, this is not an Ad. It’s just me giving a product a well deserved review. Thank you, @koldtec!


Ice is one of my most used pain management tools, as evidenced by an entire shelf devoted to it in our freezer. A few months ago @koldtec released their headache halo and it's been an incredible addition to my wearable #iceswag collection.

I love that I can easily rehydrate and freeze the @koldtec headache halo ice packs! They're super convenient, and with the weather being so up and down I've been using the halo alot recently!

Ashlyn F.

Got my Halo for my birthday today and can I just say, Thank you!! You guys are amazing and created the best thing ever! I have wanted one for a long time and ice helps with my chronic illness symptoms and its making even day one with it so much better!! Thank you so much! Now I have my halo and towel to help me out!


Thank goodness for my @koldtec headache halo. I can actually spend time in my living room with everyone else instead of a pitch black room.


The most stylish ice pack EVER!!

Cassidy R.

Love how you can adjust the thickness of the ice!


My headache halo is not only perfect for relieving headaches, but by sliding it around I can cool down my ears when I have a histamine reaction and my ears are on fire!


Loving my new headache Halo!


I'll be here with my @koldtec #halo chilling this #headache out! This is one of the best tools in my shed to combat my #mssymptoms because #msdoesntquit. If you get frequent headaches this is a must!


The Halo by @koldtec is the best delivery system for #chronic migraine that I have EVER used. And I have tried them all. So good, I bought two!! Thank you @koldtec for this amazing product.


I've been suffering from intense headaches and a few have turned into full blown migraines. I'm not really sure where all of this came from but it's NOT fun. I've been using the @koldtec #headachehalo almost around the clock. Best invention ever. It's so easy and comfy to wear and hits all the right spots. I just might have to order another one just to keep at work.


I love the Halo...I've been using mine almost daily since I got it and makes life so much easier to not have to physically hold an ice pack on my head for hours on end. Thank you for creating this amazing product. So sharing it because the more people to know about it the better!


If you get headaches, I *highly* recommend the @koldtec Halo. It has pockets so you can put ice exactly where you need it!


I have some exciting news to share! I have tested out the Headache Halo by @koldtec & I am in love. I actually like it better than the migracap I've been using for years.


There aren't a whole lot of reasons for smiling when you have a headache, but I'm sure happy I have my Halo.


I finally had my first migraine since the Headache Halo arrived and I LOVE it. It relieved a little of the sharp pain on the left side and it helped take away the horrible, impending, vomity feeling. I love that you can position the ice packs where you need them most and it is so comfortable. I completely forgot I was wearing it after a few minutes and I was able to get a little sleep while wearing it. This and the Ice Towel are my best friends now!


thanks @koldtec it is an amazing tool for head cramps ;) I even slept in it.


Been part of my nightly routine. Thank you @koldtec.


Just received this today and I am thrilled with it. Thank you so much for creating something so useful, comfortable and therapeutic. It's helpful to have in my migraine toolkit.


Ventured out for some groceries and it was slightly too much. Buuuuuut @koldtec #headachehalo to the #rescue. No more suffering a concussion based headache for this lady!!


Headache have you met my new bff? Her name is Halo. She’s a great comforter, she takes my pain away, and she’s always by my side. She’s my new bestie. It’s been fun Headache (not really), so sayonara!


The new “Halo” from @koldtec (The escape pod for your head) is probably my best friend right about now. It’s nice and subtle and you control where the ice packs sit which rocks when you have areas of nerve pain and protruding skull hardware. Always grateful for a new little tool to make life a little easier!


This halo, is exactly what it’s name is. A gift from the heavens.

Straight from the angels.

Trish Y.

Goodbye humidity

This towel has helped me tremendously with those humid summer days - I no longer fear the heat!!


I love the koldtec icetowel! I ordered one last year and ordered a different colour this time. It works wonders on hot days and nights. My heat intolerance symptoms are way more bearable. Just love it!

Ashley G.

Love this product

Helps keep cool while staying dry. Great for heat intolerance.

Mackenzie G.

I can actually enjoy warm weather again

Due to a medical condition I suffer from severe heat intolerance. Before this purchase I could barely spend more than 20-30 minutes outside without nearly passing out then sleeping the rest of the day. Thanks to this towel, I’ve been able to sit outside and relax for at least 2-3 hours.

Nicole M.

Heat and Anxiety Relief

I love my koldtec towel. It’s so much better than a ice pack. No more dripping everywhere. This towel helps me beat the heat here in HI which triggers my anxiety. So, it’s a huge help.

Nina H. 

Houston, TX

This towel is perfect for our Texas heat. I have tried others, but it seems after a short while they are no longer cold. I do volunteer work outside and this is perfect to keep me from over heating. This was in 94+ degree heat, with a 101 heat index.


I am obsessed with
 my #koldtec cooling
 neck wrap.
Like – 
@koldtec for being 

Becca W. 


It is so unique compared to similar products that I have seen! I have been using it therapeutically as well to cool down after a workout. I really can't say enough good things about it!


What gets me through this rather hot summer? My Koldtec cooling towel. Like many people with multiple sclerosis, I suffer from heat intolerance. It exacerbates symptoms of MS, including pain, exhaustion, muscle weakness, visual problems, and so on. My towel allows me to keep my body at an acceptable temperature when I get out of the house.

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Justine C. 

Washington, DC

So my run in 102 degrees overheated me today, so I took my @koldtec to work.
 It is so bossy :)

Taryn S. 

Miami, FL

If you haven't heard yet - Miami is HOT, HOT, HOT!! So when I came across this cooling towel - I KNEW
 I had to have one. 
Thank you @koldtec!! You guys seriously rock!!

Karen S. 

Toronto, ON

YASSS! The koldtec
 towel is an essential
 cool down for me –
 especially after my
 long summer runs.

Michael P. 

Sacramento, CA

I was looking for something to cool me down for hot days out with the family. It works better than I expected. It stays completely dry. This is a game changer! I've ordered one for my whole family.


It’s so much colder 
than other cooling 
neck towels I’ve tried.
 Perfect for this crazy
heat wave!


I sported my #koldtec ice towel in the Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan & it proved 
to keep me cool in 
even the hottest


@koldtec product is amazing!!! This is my 2nd cooling towel from #koldtec 
For people with multiple sclerosis that have heat issues as well as people who workout and need to cool down afterwards right away.
 It's so compact and it travels light this is exactly what I needed...