Getting Started

For step by step instructions on how to easily hydrate your FlexIce for the first time, watch our demo video:


How long will the FlexIce stay cold?

You will feel an ice-cold chill immediately and you can expect to feel the cooling effects for up to 60 minutes (this, of course, all depends on the ambient air temperature). We do give you 2 FlexIce strips, so you can swap in a new strip for up 2 hours of continuous cooling.

What is the FlexIce made of?

Well, that's somewhat of a secret since it's patented, but we can tell you that it's a non-toxic, food grade formulation that uses regular water and a few key ingredients to keep the ice frozen for longer.

Which side of the FlexIce should face my neck?

You'll notice that your FlexIce Strip has 2 different sides. One side is all white with a woven pattern. The other side is clear and you can actually see the ice inside when frozen. For max cold - you always want the clear ice side facing your neck.

FlexIce care and storage?

For best results, always keep your FlexIce frozen in the freezer - even for extended periods of time between uses.

How do I keep the Ice Towel secure on my neck?

The best wearable cooling gear needs to be hands-free. So, we’ve sewn a loop into the underside of the towel so you can adjust the fit as you wish. Just pull through for a snug fit and to maximize your chill. Ideal for light/moderate activities.

How long does the Travel Tube keep the FlexIce frozen?

The Travel Tube is designed as a temporary solution for transporting your koldtec ice towel from your freezer to wherever you need to cool down. We know that at room temperature the insulated tube will keep the ice frozen inside your towel for up to 3 hours. For best results, keep frozen or refrigerated as long as possible and only open it when you are ready to use the towel.

What is the Travel Tube made of?

The travel tube is made of eco-friendly, bonded paper that makes for a perfect natural insulator. The compact design and precision manufacturing means that very little thermal energy is exchanged between the inside and outside of the tube.

What are the dimensions of the Travel Tube?

The travel tube measures approximately 7" high and 3" in diameter.

What sizes of towel do you offer?

We've designed the koldtec ice towel to be unisex and "one size fits most." In general, neck sizes from 13.5" to 17" are ideal for fit and function.

Can you get frost bite from using the koldtec ice towel too long?

No. The FlexIce never comes in contact with your skin. Our sport mesh maximizes the cooling effect and acts as the perfect barrier at the same time.

Do you need to remove the FlexIce before washing the towel?

Yes – do not wash the ice. Slide the ice out and re-insert later into your clean towel.

Where is the koldtec ice towel made?

Your koldtec ice towel and Travel Tube are both proudly designed and made in Toronto, Canada.