Get Back to Feeling Yourself Again – The Science Behind Hot Flash Relief

We know hot flashes are unpredictable. So, if we can't prevent hot flashes from occurring in the first place, then let's do our best to manage the outcome. Body science dictates that dynamic hormonal shifts will affect your internal thermostat. With that in mind, how do we re-regulate and restore our natural temperature?

Two Words - Cold Therapy

Did you know that by cooling certain pulse points of the body you are able to decrease the core temperature of the entire body? Numerous pulse points are located throughout the body; the most significant being in your neck. Pulse points are specific areas where you can actually feel the pulse of your blood due to the beat of your heart. Because blood runs so closely to the skin in these specific areas, cooling the pulse points also allows for blood to be cooled as it passes, creating an overall refreshed feeling. And since the brain represents the most sensitive tissue to changes in core temperature, the close proximity of the neck makes it the optimal place to receive a cold sensation. The best part is: cold therapy is all natural. If you’ve done your research, you’ll soon realize that no magic pill exists to eliminate hot flashes. Most people will always opt for a simple and organic approach to wellness when given the choice. You’re simply helping your body do what it’s naturally designed to do!

When Water is Not Enough – You Need Ice

Regular tap water can run as low as 60 degrees on average; certainly refreshing to drink, but not enough to challenge a serious hot flash. Your body needs an instant and long-lasting chill that only ice can achieve.
The koldtec ice towel packs 6 ounces of engineered ice that naturally conforms to the shape of your neck. And it delivers 5X the cooling power - dramatically outperforming any other traditional cooling towel.
What you’ll love the most – it’s eco-friendly, reusable and all natural. Just pop it back in the freezer when you are done. And use the insulated travel tube to make sure you’re ready for that unannounced hot flash – anywhere, anytime!