Engineered Ice - Colder for Longer

Our patented FlexIce keeps you 5X colder than an ordinary ‘wet’ cooling towel. Why cool with water when you can have the deep freeze of real ice? Up to 2 hours of continuous cooling with your 2 FlexIce strips!

Sport Bamboo - Sustainability

We start with a super soft fabric that provides organic cooling and drying properties to keep you fresher longer! Plus, it’s lightweight and absorbent; all while being uber friendly to the environment. Locally designed and made in Toronto, Canada.

Body Science - Pulse Point Cooling

Simply put – the pulse points in your neck act like a radiator for your body. Our ice towel delivers an instant, satisfying chill to these pulse points to assist the body’s natural ability to stay cooler for longer.

Hands Free - Cooling by Design

Wouldn't it be great to wear your cooling towel and be hands-free for sports, fitness and travel? Our built-in loop gives you the freedom of being in motion while your ice towel stays put.

Travel Adventure - Cool Everywhere

Our planet is getting warmer and no one likes being hot & sweaty. The koldtec ice towel helps you beat the heat AND the humidity - no matter where in the world you go.

Travel Tube - Freeze & Go

Our insulated travel tube makes it so convenient to take your ice towel everywhere. The double-wall design keeps the cold locked in for up to 3 hours - so your ice towel is ready when you are!