Natural Cooling Relief for Hot Flashes

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We know that hormonal imbalances during menopause can affect our internal thermostat and cause spontaneous waves of hot flashes. This is a constant concern for those suffering through menopause because not only are hot flashes uncomfortable to endure, they are unpredictable in nature which causes incredible anxiety.

Cold therapy is one of the most common and trusted practices of natural relief for people experiencing hot flashes and night sweats. The goal is to provide immediate and substantial cooling relief to the part of the body most receptive to cold therapy. Experts point to the neck as the ideal spot for rapid cooling. However, this approach is only effective if you can keep the cold source consistently in contact with your neck. Too many ice packs/gel packs are rigid and inflexible – very inefficient at delivering the deep cooling effect required.

The solution: our koldtec ice towel is wearable – and perfectly designed to contour to the natural shape of your neck to provide even, steady and consistent cold relief. Best part is – it’s reusable over and over again. Just freeze and go!