body science

So what happens when you put 6 ounces of ice around your neck?

Let’s start with some basic facts about body science and physiology. As the intensity of your physical activity increases, so does your heart rate. Blood is being re-directed from your muscles – travelling instead to the surface of the skin - to be cooled and returned to the body. Your heart pumps harder and faster to supply oxygen-laden blood back to your muscles. This process increases your core temperature and soon you start to feel warm, flushed and fatigued to the point where you need to take a break, have a breather, or shut it down completely. Sound familiar?

What does the koldtec ice towel do? Simply put – it super chills the surface of your skin along the neckline and – most importantly – it cools your blood as it passes through your pulse points (pulse points are literally the places on your body where you can feel your pulse when your heart beats). By understanding how the human body thermoregulates itself, we’ve targeted the pulse points in your neck to assist the body’s natural ability to stay cooler for longer.

What’s in it for you? This means enjoying your favourite activities like hiking or biking on even the hottest days. Staying cool means getting the most out of a round of golf or tennis match. For travelers. it represents more exploring and adventure anywhere around the globe. For elite athletes, it means training harder, competing harder and a faster recovery. For wellness, it means a refreshing cool down to re-regulate your breathing, heart rate and temperature.