Ice Bandana & FlexIce Bundle - Classic Black

Ice Bandana & FlexIce Bundle - Classic Black

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Combo Includes:

1 Ice Bandana with 2 strips of patented FlexIce (included with regular purchase)
3 additional strips of FlexIce for continuous cooling 

Say goodbye to ordinary wet cooling towels that are soggy, drippy and damp against your skin - and say hello to completely hands-free, wearable cooling gear powered by patented, engineered ice. 

Simply put - why cool with water when you can cool with ice?

The koldtec Ice Bandana delivers an instant and long lasting chill no matter what the activity.

Fitness: running, hiking, biking or just walking the dog 
Sports: baseball, soccer, tennis, golf 
Outdoor: fishing, camping, cottage life, gardening
Wellness: yoga, pilates, meditation
  • Our patented, engineered FlexIce bends and molds to the natural shape of your neck
  • 5X colder than ordinary wet cooling towels 
  • No drippy, soggy wet mess - always soft and dry against your skin
  • Premium, natural cotton 
  • One size fits all
  • Custom adjustable fit
  • Includes 2 x 6 oz. FlexIce strips for continuous cooling
  • Includes heavy duty freezer bag to store your Bandana and keep it fresh

Made in Canada

Material: Premium cotton. Machine wash and dry flat

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    Machine Wash and Dry Flat

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