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If you’re planning to travel to a hotter climate this winter but still looking for a way to stay cool especially while cycling, running or hiking under a southern sun – the new KoldTec Ice Towel might just be the answer. Especially since it packs so easily into a carry-on or knapsack making it ideal for fitness adventures or even simply walking or running around in hot climes.

A first of its kind, the Koldtec Ice Towel has six ounces of patented, engineered ice neatly tucked inside. It’s never wet or soggy, and not only helps you beat the heat but energy-zapping humidity as well.  It’s manufactured in Toronto from sustainable bamboo and it’s always soft and dry against your skin.

Best of all it’s reusable – over and over – just freeze and go.  The engineered ice defrosts slower than regular ice so the cooling effect lasts longer – typically about two hours of continuous cooling in each tube. The manufacturer tells us it’s 5X colder than an ordinary wet and soggy cooling towel. Wrapped around your neck, it offers an instant and long-lasting chill. Think “wearable cooling gear” for a planet that keeps getting hotter.
Here’s a video on the KoldTec Ice Towel

KoldTec Ice Tower

Thank you to Anne Dimon.
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