Pulse Point Cooling


Contributor - Zoey Poulsen

koldtec cooling performance gear encompasses the power of patented ice technology and the science of the human body.  

Did you know that by cooling certain pulse points of the body you are able to decrease the core temperature of the entire body? Numerous pulse points are located throughout the body; the most significant being the neck and wrists. Pulse points are specific areas where you can feel the pulse of your blood due to the beat of your heart. Because blood runs so closely to the skin in these specific areas, cooling the pulse points allows for blood to be cooled as it passes, creating an overall refreshed feeling.  

koldtec’s innovative line of cooling performance gear is designed to create an advantage - for athletes to perform physical activity at their highest calibre, regardless of external conditions such as heat and humidity. Keeping cool with the power of ice during extensive workouts means going harder for longer without the use of stimulants or chemicals. By assisting the body’s natural ability to cool itself, koldtec has harnessed innovation in its most functional and instinctive form.

koldtec ice towels, wristbands and headbands are just a few of the products offered in the premier line which will be showcased throughout this blog, as well as on social media. Stay tuned for weekly blogs published here and be sure to follow koldtec on social media for daily inspiration.