Guest Contributor - Emily Johnston

It’s getting hot out there, and at this point, there is only so much that a simple hat and sunscreen can do to help! Over the years we have seen record breaking temperatures with no signs of halting. The last 5 years have been the hottest on record, and now more than ever people are searching for solutions to the blistering heat and uncomfortable weather.

Let’s face it, no one likes being hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, with the intense weather seen all around the world, traditional tools for dealing with the heat just aren’t cutting it.  

For those that love to travel and explore the world, these temperatures can really put a damper on the quality of the travelling experience. Some of the most beautiful destinations consistently have uncomfortable temperatures that can make a dream getaway anything less than enjoyable. Blistering summers around the world occur in areas like Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia with average temperature approaching 90 degrees all summer long. Pretty hot stuff – not to mention the Caribbean Islands and the Far East.

Staggering temperatures and high humidity aren’t only occurring in popular sunny vacation spots or in distant desert areas. This is now a global issue that has people from all over the planet looking to beat the heat. Even in America, where there is a large presence of seasonal changes, many states see temperatures that would make anyone want to hide inside with the air conditioning on full blast.

In the summer months, California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Texas all reach whopping temps on their way to record breaking heat waves each year.

With the world getting hotter as the years go on, comfort is harder and harder to come by. We can’t allow these temperature increases to stop us from staying active and living the way we love to.

Luckily, koldtec is here to ensure that you can beat the heat and enjoy the better things in life when the traditional ways of keeping cool just don’t cut it! The koldtec ice towel, equipped with our patented FlexIce, outperforms and outlasts ordinary ice and will give you the instant chill you’ll need to keep you going. So travel, explore, have fun and live life while staying cool with a smile!