Full Body Wellness with Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a simple and easy form of treatment that proves to be extremely effective. There are numerous benefits that cold therapy provides to promote full body wellness

Headache Relief

Cold therapy is widely regarded as one of the most common and natural forms of headache and migraine management. When ice is applied to the back of the neck, it reduces inflammation and decreases downward blood flow. Both results can lessen the pain and discomfort cause by an intense headache.

Hot Flash Relief

Menopause is the #1 cause of hot flashes. In this stage of life, women experience a decrease in their estrogen hormone levels which has a direct effect on the internal thermostat. The use of cold therapy is essential to provide temporary relief from menopause symptoms and dramatically helps to keep a person’s temperature regulated.


Joint Pain Relief

Cold therapy is an effective solution to reduce overall joint pain and prevent muscle stress, spasms and knots. Ice reduces inflammation and slows the production of joint fluid in order to avoid painful swelling. Even 15-20 minutes of cold therapy before or after activity can be very beneficial.