BLOG - Cooling Relief for MS

Submitted by: Eliz Martin

So with Multiple Sclerosis, heat is no bueno. Absolutely not good. It's called Uhthoff's Phenomenon (please dont ask for how to pronounce that word) and it's something that we learn how to manage quickly.

Uhthoff's Phenomenon is when someone with MS overheats; the overheating then causes a worsening of symptoms. It literally just feels like your body is shutting down; my vision goes, my legs go, my arms go, my speech goes. It takes a few hours to a few days to rest and recover. It's a bitch.

There are a few ways to prevent this: stay inside (: or stay cool. I like more the stay cool techniques as I love summer and being outside. So for six years I have lived off of ice packs, usually being as classy as can be and stuffing them down my pants and up my shirts.

Then, I met the company koldtec. We connected over instagram - they noticed my love for ice and I noticed they had ice. Oh baby.

It's more than just regular ice though. It's special engineered ice. So it stays colder."

So what is this koldtec towel? Great question. It's ice, in a towel. (:

It's more than just regular ice though. It's special engineered ice. So it stays colder. Each strand of ice lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. The packaging it comes in works as a vacuum to keep your other strips of ice cold when not using. So essentially you could get up to 3 hours of ice comfort without having to refreeze. Babe.

It also is dry. This I REALLY love about it. All the other cool towels (I wont even compare them because they are were cool at best, not cold) had to be wet in order to be "activated". The Ice Towel is dry. You can wear it at work. You can wear it at a concert. You can wear it to the salon or the grocery store or just while driving. You will get the comfort of ice without the drenchness of water.

There are many other benefits but these two are my favorite: ICE and DRY.

"All the other cool towels had to be wet in order to be 'activated.' The Ice Towel is dry."

Koldtec is also a really cool company. It started as a thought by a husband and wife while cycling on a hot day "we are hot and we want ice around our neck". That thought has turned in to a company with great customer reviews and I am so happy to have partnered with them. Their focus at first was that this will work great for athletes / people on the go. After a while they started to see that there was a wellness side to their product as well. Not just for those with MS; but for those that suffer from migraines, cervical fusions, neck pain, hot flashes, pregnancy, etc. It's uses are endless.

Stay cool loves.

eliz martin

Eliz is a #mswarrior who writes about living a blessed, beautiful life with MS. Follow her journey on her blog at