Cooling Off Heat Intolerance

As a Physical Therapist specializing in Multiple Sclerosis treatment, I’m always looking for easy, effective ways for my patients to find relief from their symptoms. Exercise is one of the best ways to manage - and often improve - MS symptoms but what happens when you exercise? You get hot! Even a slight elevation in core body temperature can cause a temporary worsening of one or more symptoms. 

 Dr Gretchen wearing a blue Koldtec Ice Towel
Until now, the best ways to stay cool involved manipulating your environment: stay in air-conditioned places, use an oscillating fan, wear light clothing, exercise during cooler times of the day and consume icy drinks. And cooling vests often result in added weight for the wearer, not to mention the moisture that can soak through clothes once the ice pack thaws! 

That’s why I was thrilled to find Koldtec Ice Towel! Finally there is a product that I can recommend to my patients that offers up to 2 hours of continuous cooling but is also lightweight and stays dry. No more heavy, wet cooling vests! Plus, Koldtec Cooling Gear is designed with an adjustable loop to stay put, so my patients have the ability to exercise without worrying that their towel will fall off.

Now, when a patient confesses that they’re apprehensive about adding exercise to their MS arsenal due to overheating, I tell them, “You have to get a KoldtecIce Towel!”  
Contributed by: Dr. Gretchen, doctor of physical therapy & multiple sclerosis specialist.

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