Cooling Down Hot Flashes


As an Acupuncturist and Holistic Nutritionist, I have clients going through menopause who tell me it is one of the most uncomfortable sensations when they get hot flashes and night sweats. There’s no predicting when a hot flash will occur whether you’re in perimenopause, menopause or post menopause, yes those sweaty hot flashes can still occur well into your 60’s due to fluctuating hormones. However we do know that feeling hot, sweaty, drenched and sometimes embarrassed by it, is something most people would rather not deal with.

During this period when the hormones are fluctuating, certain changes can be made to alleviate the symptoms such as eating a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, reduce stress and other lifestyle changes. However even after doing everything right, those hot flashes may still happen. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, it’s not only uncomfortable it also ruins your sleep. Severe hot flashes over long periods of time can cause insomnia that can lead to other health issues.

"...feeling hot, sweaty, drenched and sometimes embarrassed by it, is something most people would rather not deal with."

One way the body regulates its temperature is by sending blood to the surface of the skin where it loses some heat to the environment and then circulates back into your tissues at a cooler temperature. This is why we become flushed after exercising or during a hot flash, your body is trying to cool itself down.

A great way to assist the body in cooling down is with a cold towel and its placement on the body is important to how effective it reduces the core body temperature. There are numerous areas on the body where the blood runs closer to the surface of the skin, the pulse points, which are located on the neck, wrists, inside of elbows and knees etc.

The Koldtec ice towel comes in handy because it can be wrapped around various pulse points to help the body cool down. It is a re-useable ice towel that does not drip or get clothing wet and delivers 5x the cooling power. Clients have been using it specifically for hot flashes at night placed around their neck or chest while they sleep. Better sleep means feeling more refreshed in the morning and an improved quality of life.

  by Margaret Lee, R.Ac., R.H.N. | July 1, 2018
Margret is a nutritionist, visit her instagram @nutriacure