The Post Workout Cool Down

Here's why cooling down is so important for a healthy body

Submitted by Emily Johsnton
March 21, 2018

The cool down is an essential part of any healthy workout regimen. After a long or intense workout it may be tempting to skip this final step but there are numerous benefits to properly cooling your body down including; returning you heart rate and breathing back to normal, decreasing muscle and joint soreness and promoting relaxation. Try these tips next time:

Low Intensity Cardio: Take the last 5-10 minutes of your workout to slow your body down, decrease your heart rate and regulate your breathing at a steady pace. Turn down the speed and try exercises such as walking, jogging or biking to begin the wind down of your workout.

Cow to Cat:  Never forget to stretch the core! Grab a mat and begin this stretch on your hands and knees. Start with your back parallel to the floor. Inhale and arch your back – pointing your head and tailbone to sky. After a deep inhale, exhale while rounding your back in a C like shape. Repeat this stretch about 10 times to relax your core muscles.

Hip Flexor Stretch:  To keep your body feeling limber after an intense workout, do a few hip stretches before you head out of the gym. Perform this pose just like a lunge that you might see in your usual workout, but hold for about 30 seconds. Make sure to do this for each side to keep yourself balanced.

Child’s Pose:  For many people, the back is a delicate area that is prone to strain and discomfort. To avoid this discomfort, while also relaxing your body position yourself on your hands and knees and lean back to reach an almost seated position. Allow your head to rest on the mat comfortably with your hands reaching forward.

Calf Stretches:  Your calves are an area of your body that are exposed to a large amount of stress and tension. After all, they do carry your around all day. To keep your muscles nice and loose, stand one step away from a wall and place both hands on it. Bring one foot behind you and lean toward the wall to create a stretching feeling in your back calf.

A combination of light exercises and relaxing stretches creates the perfect ending to your workout. And make sure to wear your koldtec ice towel to help you fully recover, refresh and recharge!