A Seamless Fit into Your Workout Routine

The koldtec towel is one of the best work out accessories I have ever used. I used to be a person who shyed away from working out because I hated feeling sticky and sweaty, but now that I have found a routine doing a workout regimen I enjoy the koldtec towel fits in seamlessly.

At home I do the Focus 24 and Insanity workouts – two that really work up a sweat and leave my body burning from the heat I produce while working out. The koldtec towel is perfect for the cool down period of both of these work outs because it helps my body relax faster and I instantly get the feeling of “ahhhh” I so desperately want. PLUS  its not wet against my already sticky, gross skin.

It was really easy for me to start using the towel. The three step process was quick, easy and I was able to use it with in 3 hours of freezing it. What I like best is that the ice has two sides – one that’s the extra cold side and one that’s just a nice cool feeling. I can use the side I feel that I need after a workout. Plus the engineered ice doesn’t defrost to a watery consistency. Instead it’s a gel and it actually stays colder a little longer.

I’m really excited to start using this when the weather heats up in Toronto for festivals, runs and of course my Insanity work outs!